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7 Movies that Help You Work on Your Relationship

7 Movies that Help You Work on Your Relationship

Despite the fair idea that relations are the simultaneous work of both partners, the first melodramas and romantic comedies that come to mind go against this notion. The most popular of them can be reproached in many ways – from the unrealistic image of the first kiss to the final chord, in which a happy couple cuts the wedding cake. Half of the marriages in reality still break up, most of the relationships never live up to these marriages, and the very concept of long-term relationships has changed over the past two decades. The nuclear family is no longer the ultimate dream, but not only psychologists speak about awareness and mutual respect in a partnership, but they are also filmed by insightful directors. The stories about how a rich man with privileges is fond of a prostitute (“Pretty Woman”) aren’t interesting, and stories about a guy with anger issues that can discover a different part of himself near a girl aren’t all that original as well (“Anger Management”).

Stories about how to get rid of a guy in 10 days seem frankly outdated, but to see why people are in a crisis, why people break up and reunite in relationships, I want to go to the movies and not just ask my friends about their lives. Let’s say I want to see a proper movie about a toxic relationship. Imperfect people outside of stereotypes have always existed on the screen, but in the last decade, they have become immeasurably greater. And most importantly, in cinematic relationships, the main thing is no longer their result – the views of the wisest modern authors are focused on the process and dynamics of human connections. Most often, they also say why our relations are never limited to stereotypes.

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1. Love, Rosie

The film is about a popular issue which tells that there can be no friendship between a man and a woman. This controversial topic is relevant at all times. The crew behind the movie created a sweet life story about two friends who once did not understand each other and were afraid to talk because of their youth. Further, their life actively drove them away, but old feelings never really fade away. All this suggests the importance of talking, and not waiting for someone to guess and understand you without words.

2. Men, Women & Children

The main goal of the filmmakers is to show how the Internet has changed the concepts of relationships, family values, and communication in general. The gulf of misunderstanding between fathers and children, between partners and friends has become so frequent that it is necessary to draw public attention to this. The film is deep, it is thought-provoking, but it is not aimed at entertainment at all. And for young people “infected” by the Internet, it is simply a must-see!

3. We Are Your Friends

This is a cute musical film about the creative development of a simple guy who has a remarkable musical talent. It also touches on the topic of relations: who to choose – the one and only or a whole crowd of fangirls. Or how the relations of friends change when one of them becomes successful.

4. Demolition

A very great movie. This is a motivational film on how to start a new life. The main character’s wife died. To understand his life and his feelings, he decides to use a hammer: literally, destroy and break everything around him in order to build himself and his life anew.

5. Carol

The film looks like a piece of old Hollywood, but you should not expect old-fashioned stiffness from it – an elegant form hides a lot of life and drama. This is a film about a beautiful, sincere, but forbidden love. Can the surrounding society tell us whom and when to love? If you give up your feelings following unwritten rules, do you sacrifice yourself?

6. Colonia

The film turns stereotypes upside down: its heroine rushes to save her lover, who found himself locked in a secret torture center. To watch it, it is not necessary to be a connoisseur of history, but just love Emma Watson, who played a major role in this movie. Perhaps this is the last chance to see her on the big screen in the near future, as the actress announced a break in filming for the sake of work for the benefit of feminism.

7. A Bigger Splash

A bored rock star is hiding from the world in a chic Italian villa with her husband. But suddenly they are joined by her friend producer, part-time lover, along with her pretty daughter. But this is not a simple comedy about a confused romance on vacation, but a worthwhile conversational drama about how unbearable can a situation be when everyone is confused.